Noyesys bimble on the water

December 6, 2022


Noyesys bimble on the water

Sapper support would like to announce that Paul Noyes has pledged to do a fundraising event on behalf of Sapper Support. On the 20th December 2022 Paul is going to Tab around the Rutland water. He will be carrying 20Kg in weight and travelling 40Km he has said “this will be powered by mostly Haribo, tales of old pure stubbornness and with the company of a mate”. His reasons for wanting to achieve this is because of previously having wobbles in his own mental health because of the experiences of Afghanistan whilst serving in the British Army. Paul would like to raise money for Veterans and999 Workers who may also struggle due to previous conflicts.


Paul has set up a just giving account, so if you would liketo donate please follow the link below-



Sapper Support would like to wish Paul and his friend all the luck and we hope to hear his success story soon.  

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