Resignation of Operations manager

October 28, 2022
Joshua Brown

Public announcement

Resignation as operations manager of Sapper Support.

It is with sadness that I announce my resignation as the operations manager for sapper support.

I was fortunate enough to be a part of the operational team from the very first day sapper support came to be. In fact, I took our first ever call which as it turned out wasn’t a true call for help, just a drop short thinking he would have some fun at our expense.  

I would like to thank everyone that has supported myself and the charity over the past 8 and a bit years. Without the support of all of you the charity would not have been able to help those that have needed it, fact.

I would like to say a massive thank you to all that have volunteered and still do.

From the responders to the accountants to the fund raising manager, our mental health practitioner to the trustees and our patrons. You have helped creat a life line for some and without your dedication and hard work, we would have lost others that thankfully are still with us today.

I can only say how much I respect and have come to love each and everyone of you.  Being able to help guide and train as well as work along side has truly been an honour.

One last person I need to thank is Faye Jeffs who has stood by my side throughout my time in this role.  She has been there from the start even manning a phone. Her support has never wavered both in our lives together and with the ventures I’ve undertaken. An amazing wife, mother, friend and support unit for myself. I could not ask for anymore from anyone and I have been blessed to have found her at such a young age here’s to another 30 years sweet cheeks x.

I feel confident that the new structures I have put in place and the new personalities that will be filling these roles will endeavour to move sapper support forward and upward.

An announcement will be made soon on who our new CEO and operations manager will be and I hope that you can all support them in the work they will be carrying out in the future. Hard decisions and a lot of work goes into running a charity, so please keep supporting Sapper Support and the team.

Lastly the committee has graciously allowed myself to remain a trustee. This was a role I had never expected but have became very proud of.

That means I will still be a part of the sapper support family and be able to help when and where the team see fit.

Well that is that I guess, to anyone I had the honour of helping, thank you firstly for having the courage to give us the opportunity to try. Secondly for giving myself the knowledge that I have achieved something valuable in my life. (Obviously being a husband and a father will always be the most important role I’ve ever been gifted to have) but this has been a very close second.

As always folks stay safe

Never above you

Never below you

Always by your side



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