PTSD Memorial

In 2017 our founder, Tim Evers felt we needed to do more for those who had already lost loved ones to PTSD and suicide. So he came up with a memorial and called it The Hand at Peace.

The idea
An idea was swimming around his head. That of a seated figure with an outstretched hand, that people could hold. A totally tactile sculpture where family and friends could remember loved ones lost, celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries or just have a quiet place to reflect and say I love you/ I miss you. So with this idea planted firmly in his head, he set off to the National Memorial Arboretum. Meetings took place, applications were submitted, rejected and re-submitted, then the idea was finally given the green light.
The fundraising
Now, the hard part. How to fund it? Tim was lucky enough to find a sculptor who was 100% on the same wave length as him and fully understood what Tim was trying to achieve. Companies came forward and donated items, some paid for parts of the project  and of course Tim did his usual fundraising events.
The unveiling
In 2018, the Sapper Support PTSD/Suicide Memorial was unveiled within a tranquil glade in the grounds of the National Memorial Arboretum, where it sits quietly, waiting for those who need solace or a time to reflect and remember.
A must see, when visiting the NMA, the Sapper Support PTSD/Suicide Memorial has become one of the most visited memorials within its grounds.
Thank you
We would like to take this opportunity to single out one very special individual who helped to turn Tim's idea into a reality. That person is Mr. Harry Moran of MORAN LOGISTICS LTD.
As with all projects like these, things don’t always go to plan. But Harry Moran stepped in and truly did save the day. It is fair to say that without his support and encouragement, this memorial would not stand proudly as it does within the grounds of the NMA.
So, from everyone here at Sapper Support and those who now travel from far and wide to sit in the shadow of this wonderful memorial, we thank you Harry.