Our Trustees

Tim Evers
Trustee & Founder


Tim Evers joined the Royal Engineers in 1992. He was initially posted to 39 Engr Regt in Waterbeach, where he served in 34 Engr Fld Sqn. A busy squadron resulted in many European exercises and an operational tour to Belize. Tim then moved to 33 Engr Regt EOD, Wimbish. This resulted in him serving in Bosnia during the 90’s.

When Tim left the military he joined the fire service, a job he still holds today, some 25 years later. Serving in South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue.

With the development of Facebook, Tim made links back into the world of EOD and became an active member of the Royal Engineers Association, Bomb Disposal. Something he took great pride in. In 2011 he began raising money for the branch and exceeded £100,000 before he retired from the role.

Tim founded Sapper Support in 2014 after hearing about the death of a fellow ‘Sapper’ from PTSD. Tim, who has experienced his own mental health problems  was adamant he would try to do all he could to make sure there was a 24:7 helpline for his fellow sappers. This quickly morphed into a tri service helpline and now supports both the veteran and 999 communities.

Tim splits his time between working full time as firefighter, CEO/founder of Sapper Support, father to Daniel and Harry and husband to Sally. When he’s not doing all of this he also plays bass guitar in a 90’s rock covers pub band….just to unwind.

Duncan Gordon


Duncan joined the Royal Engineers in 1996. Being posted to 21 Fd Sqn (EOD), 33 Fd Sqn NI, 53 Fd Sqn (Air Sp), 61 Fd Sqn (EOD), 621 EOD Sqn & 321 EOD Sqn, his final posting was as the Head Trainer of DEMS Trg Regt as the Training Warrant Officer. His career led him to Deploy to Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq, N. Ireland and Afghanistan on Operational Tours receiving the Queens Commendation for Valuable Service whilst working with the Afghanistan National Army as a C-IED Adviser on Op HERRICK 13.

After retiring from Regular service he has enlisted as a reserve and is currently posted within 350 Fd Sqn(EOD&S) as a Staff Sergeant. He is the owner and proprietor of Brimstone Gas & Oil working as a plumber and heating engineer in Rugby and the surrounding areas.

Duncan has a son, James, who he enjoys to support from the touchlines. His interests are running, watching rugby, and sub-aqua diving. Running is his main passion becoming a member of the UK 100 Marathon Club in Feb 2022.

Mark Jeffs


Joined JLRRE in 1987 - served 6 years as a member of 20 Fd Sqn 36 Engr Regt, as a Combat Engineer & Troop C3S operator. Then posted to Hameln Germany for 4 years in 44 HQ & Support Sqn 35 Engr Regt, as a Plant Operating Mechanic, next he was posted to 61 Field Support Sqn 36 Engr Regt again as a Plant operating mechanic, serving 4 years, he was crossed posted to 50 Headquarters & Support Sqn for 3 years where he was eventually posted to 33 Engr Regt (EOD) and served 3 years in 22 HQ Sqn, then spent 5 and a half years as the Welfare SNCO for 33 Engr Regt (EOD) and Wimbish station.


Bosnia, Belize, Op Telic, Falklands, Croatia, Kenya, Kosovo, Poland.